Vanessa possesses a high level of professionalism and assisted me in building up self-confidence, improved my communications skills and encouraged me in moving forward with my job search. I got in touch with Vanessa and at an early stage and she was one of the most important factors of my success in getting my current job and this process took only two months. Definitely, Vanessa is the Coach who I would recommend to anyone I come into contact with.

Enrique Rodriguez, UK

Corporate Account Executive, Citrix Online

Vanessa has helped in more ways than one. Her Executive Coaching skills enabled me to explore different options within Architecture and her practical skills in CV and cover writing greatly increased my chance of getting job interviews. I am now very happy with the outcome and after working in roles that were not best fit for me I now can say that I have finally secured the right role at the right time in the right location. I highly recommend Vanessa as a Coach.

Oscar Ribeiro, Colombia

Principal Architect, Prime Projects International

Vanessa is a competent coach is highly motivated to achieve results and help people make the best of themselves both in their career and in their personal life. I have found Vanessa to be an empathetic listener and effective communicator who I feel comfortable talking to and would recommend to anyone who is thinking of a change of direction in life.

Mark Janson, UK

Sharepoint Subject Matter Expert, HP

Vanessa brings both her personal and professional experience of life to the table.  She is thoroughly professional and adopts a holistic ‘mind, body and spirit’ approach to her role, considering all aspects of an individual’s circumstances and history.  She is an excellent listener, who has a reassuring and non-judgemental approach when more sensitive topics arise. I have found her adept at taking in a “brain dump” of a wide variety of issues and goals; extracting the key elements and root causes which may be causing blockages.

Starting work on these longer-term aspects is coupled with sound practical advice for making immediate improvements to lifestyle and outlook.  After just four sessions, I have felt calmer, more content with increased propensity towards more positive thinking – not just a personal perception but noticed too by friends and family.  I will continue working with Vanessa in the coming months and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels the need to make adjustments to their lives with little or no idea as to how to start.

Jon Stone, UK


Vanessa is a competent coach who does not only offer practical advice on CVs, cover letters etc. but also will take a holistic approach to any given situation. I believe she has the potential to assist anyone regardless of which industry they are in because she has strong empathic, listening and motivational skills . I would therefore recommend Vanessa as the coach to get in touch with.

Virginia Munoz Torerro, Germany

Sales Account Manager

Vanessa is a very passionate and positive character with great enthusiasm and drive! As a life coach Vanessa listens and discusses the issues raised to enable you to make a clear decision. Having a life coach has given me such positivity to move forward and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is unclear with a situation or stage in their life.

Jessica Diamond, UK

Violinist and Public Figure

Vanessa offered sound advice on how to grow my practice, work with my strengths and weaknesses as well as getting a good work life balance.

James Edward Matley, UK

Self Employed Architect