” ” “It’s all about the balance”


When you are living in complete balance, it means living in peace and harmony everyday. Although as we know, we all have up and down days so striving to achieve balance is the best we can do in our career, home and social life.

For me personally, balance means being able to enjoy what I do as much as I can and to change my perspective to see the best out of any situation even though it is perceived as “negative”.


I enjoy my work, cooking and also getting fresh air. So, on a typical day I would start the morning off listing the things I am grateful for. Of course, it hadn’t always been this way so you need to start off with one thing on your gratitude list and then keep adding more.

Having planned my day the night before I would get on with my work tasks but take regular breaks and make a point to stretch my body just before I leave my chair.

I would go for a light run every other day after 2pm in my local park. This is when most people have gone back to their office and therefore it is less crowded. This is making the best out of the situation for me.


“When you say “yes” to others make sure you are not saying “no” to yourself” Paulo Coehlo

It is always important to take regular breaks and better when you can use some of the time to do some form of physical exercise. This gets the heart rate up and the oxygen to the brain more freely allowing for better concentration. 

Now this all sounds easy. I work from home but running a business generally means longer hours as you are all departments (HR, Accounts, Finance, Marketing, IT) all rolled into one. However, I try to pace my work and you can do the same. If you are finding that your deadlines are unrealistic then maybe the coaching you need is how to be more assertive or even to say no when you really cannot manage a task or it is not within your remit. Whatever your needs are to create this balance, I am here to help.

After all, it is in your company’s interest to help you provide and environment that you are able to be more productive in and help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Companies that adopt this approach are often listed higher up as the best employers to work for so it is in their interest to create such an environment for you whether it is for health or commercial reasons.

So, I can help you individually but also if you suggest my company to your employer, I can help create a more balanced environment for you at work. This is by delivering  one to one coaching to help you feel more balanced.

Thank you for reading.

Vanessa Poolian, Director, Bluebell Coaching and Consultancy