Question:- Are you feeling stressed at work, demotivated, unconfident or tired?


Answer:- I can help you to feel more energised, motivated and confident. Very much like in the image below! 


You require guidance on a new career direction including CVs, Cover Letters and Interview Techniques

You are feeling a bit bored and want to be more motivated in the workplace

You feel unconfident in asking for what you want or performing certain tasks in your role

You want more physical energy and enthusiam to carry out your work

If so, I would like to introduce myself as Vanessa Poolian, a Professional Coach @ Bluebell Coaching and Consultancy.   

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Coaching can help you take accountability for your decisions. As a second or third party I can ensure you keep on track of your progress and set intentions and goals.

I also create a safe space to develop your level of self-awareness. I can also take you away from your busy schedule so you can organise what is in your mind to create more balance in your life.


My approach is gentle yet assertive and we will challenge your thought patterns. I can help you take accountability for your decisions and as a third party that does not work inside your organisation, I can ensure objectivity and help you keep on track of your progress. 

WHO I HAVE WORKED WITH Click on Testimonials

I have traditionally worked with professionals from Information Technology and Telecommunications companies because this is where I spent the majority of my working career . However, I expanded into a range of other industries such as Banking, Finance, Law. Also, some creative industries such as Architecture and Marketing as coaching skills are transferrable into these types of organisations.

The location of clients span across the globe from the US and Canada to Latin America, Sweden, Spain, France and the UK. I am able to coach remotely via Skype/Zoom, over the phone, as well as face to face in the city in which I live, Bristol.


I am honoured to say that I genuinely work within a diverse and inclusive environment. All my clients have been from a such a wide range of ethnicities, nationalities, genders, abilities and other backgrounds.