Bringing you into Balance with Executive, Wellness, Life and Career Coaching

Bluebell Coaching brings your business into balance with executive, career, wellness and life coaching along with our thorough consultancy service. Our coaches provide a safe, confidential space for employees in your business to address their concerns without judgement which makes all the difference when it comes to performance.

In house coaches may not allow for objectivity as the coach is employed by the same organisation. Our coaches are completely independent to your company which allows for a confidential space for employees to freely express their concerns and for us to address issues that could be blocking their performance.

This space creates trust and as you know when your employees trust you they are more likely to be loyal and hard working as the return in investment reaps higher rewards. This results in increased productivity, reducing staff turnover and the creation of a happier workplace.

Vanessa possesses a high level of professionalism and assisted me in building up self-confidence, improved my communications skills and encouraged me in moving forward with my job search. I got in touch with Vanessa and at an early stage and she was one of the most important factors of my success in getting my current job and this process took only two months. Definitely, Vanessa is the Wellbeing Coach who I would recommend to anyone I come into contact with.

Enrique Rodriguez

Corporate Account Executive, Citrix Online